One Year, one girl, one mission: to spread one love oe day at a time

Day 45: An Apology

For not updating, that is!


I know. I’ve been gone for a very long time. And for that, I apologise, really. I guess being caught up in stuff I must do is making me forget I have a blog.


I’ll try to update soon. Try being the operative word!


Sorry if it’s like wrong side up! LOL!


I terribly missed you already, so here goes.


Happy birthday to me! Haha!

Day 25: Achieve Harmony

This post would probably be longer if my head didn’t hurt from a cold. Sorry!


So yes, today was the very first day of worship team practice! Woohoo! I really had a blast practicing the new songs. Yes, my throat is kind of getting scratchy from singing (plus, the cold mentioned above), but I don’t really mind. If this is for singing my heart out to Him, hey, why not!


I also met a lot of awesome people, including, of course, the already existing members of the team.  They were so nice and friendly, and I couldn’t wait to work with them.


But those aren’t the reasons I joined, actually. It is one reason, and one reason alone. I want to serve.  God’s given me so much already (including, the voice) that I thought this would be a great way to sort of pay Him back. By using my voice to usher people into His presence further, I sort of say “God, thank you” in public.


And you know what,  I can’t wait to tell Him I love you publicly on stage very soon.

…present to everyone I’d mention here, that is!


Well, as I mentioned in a previous post here, I’ll actually be celebrating my birthday far away from Manila. I’ll be away from 27 January- 2 February on a sort of community immersion, the duration of which covers my birthday (1 February). I’m very pumped indeed to actually do something meaningful and significant on such a special day to me. However, that means I wouldn’t be online for my birthday.

So, I reckoned that in advance I could basically thank a bunch of people who’ve made my almost 23 years of existence amazing.

To God, how can I not begin with You? You are why I live (literally too!). Papa, You’ve made every single good thing on this planet and in my life simply because You love me. For that, I really must thank You. I can’t wait for what You have for me.

To my lovely parents, you guys are what the definition of supportive is. From driving me to Dusit and waiting for hours just so I can try out for Supreme, to suggesting audition songs for praise and worship team tryouts, to even telling me my outfit looks hot — you guys have been like cheerleaders to me. Thank you so much for all the love you’ve given to me!

And yes, Mum, I understand that you now have too much earrings so it won’t be your birthday present anymore! Haha!


To my wonderful girls (Cid, Yani, Azaza, Angel, Khris, Phoebe, Charie, and the rest of you), thank you for being like sisters to me. We’ve shared dozens of moments with those attached inside jokes. You’ve seen me good, bad, and ugly (the allergy-puffed face incident in front of Charie comes to mind). You’ve seen the naked truth (Azaza, don’t laugh!) that is me. I just really want to thank you for loving me just the crazy way I am.

To John, Pao, and Joey (No, you’re not the Three Stooges!), you’ve been like my scary brothers in school! LOL! Seriously, though,  even if I tend to back away if the topic gets too obscene, I really enjoy every moment with you guys!

Last year was Russia. Are we really doing Ireland this year? *inside joke*

And, of course, to you. If I didn’t mention you already, know that you too are appreciated. We may have met online or in person, but I just want to let you know that your sweet heart (and words) mean a lot to me!


So, yes, thanks for making my almost 23 years very vibrant!

Again, ugh, sorry for not posting yesterday. Yelch!


Anyway, it’s always lovely being with people who know you inside, out, back, front, whatever. Yesterday, I hung out with my girls again. I love Azaza nad Khris. They’ve been with me through everything and without everything (in more ways than one!), and it’s so rejuvenating just being with them.


Here’s just a few reasons why:


1. They’re super generous.

See that lovely dress? Well, that gorgeous girl beside me (Azaza) gave it to me! She thought it would suit me, so yeah,  it’s now mine. Along with another dress and a whole load of accessories (more on that later, in a way), she’s indeed blessed me in terms of material stuff.


And then there’s those times where they insist so much I eat (Little Miss Hummingbird actually gorge? Hmmm…), they actually buy me food! I’ve never had the opportunity to thank them for that, so here’s my chance.


Add that to just how big their hearts are with their sweetness (Even if they don’t give me stuff, I still find them generous), and you can say these two inspire me.


2. They help you with whatever problems you have…even trivial ones.


If you know me well, you’d know I’m such a huge earring and accessory fiend. I have an uncountable amount of them. It’s kind of easy to haul these, actually. I mean they’re usually just P20-P50, and already they make a statement.


That poses a huge problem on organisation. I sometimes even spend 5 minutes just finding matching earrings.

So, my lovely friends came up with this.

It’s just basically an illustration board with weird drawings by me. The girls punched holes  onto it so the hook earrings could be stored here.


And need I mention it was they who came up with the idea to help me?


3. They’re just so fun to be with.

And yes, I’ll miss you girls when I leave for a week. Thank you, girls, for everything!



Day 21: Pass the Light

First of all,  I’d like to give a huge hello to my amazing friend Enteng who may be reading this post right now.  He blogs about the celebration of life in food, a favourite past time of many (myself kind of included!). I promise you, you’d enjoy reading his posts, so go ahead and follow him.


I met him when Philippine Star Supreme had this open call for writers last June.  I remember seeing my high school friend Hannah walking through the door and insisted I sit near her at least. Of course, I needed a chair to accomplish that, so I asked this guy in spectacles if I could sit next to him. To my surprise, he warmly said yes. To an even bigger surprise, I ended up talking to him more rather than Hannah! Haha!

Well, then again, how can I not talk to someone so engaging, witty, articulate, and kind? When we had to interview each other as partners, I found out even more about this fascinating guy (Watch out. This writer is also a maths whiz!). That’s basically when I found out he has a blog, which I immediately checked out as soon as I got home, and which I still read and comment to.


A few days ago, I got a text message from him saying he really loves my blog. Of course, that touched me, and I thanked him as soon as I could. However,  i was not expecting it when he told me in a response to my reply on one of his posts that he’s planning to do, well, just this. For an entire year, 365 days, he will do a random act of kindness and make posts about it on the blogosphere. I, apparently, inspired him to do it.  Wow! Just wow! I’m honoured.

I guess this is just one of those bonus perks of  showing love and kindness to others. Others would see your light and decide they want to spread it too. After all, even in stark darkness, once single light from a candle makes an entire difference. More candles means more light to illuminate the world.

(Sorry if I’m rambling now. I just feel so…wow!)


To my dear friend Enteng, I really commend you for doing this mission. I know you’d do amazingly because I know how big your heart is. I pray for all the best for you!

It makes me wonder who else is with me on this. Whomever you guys are, thank you.

First of all, I’m sorry for skipping a bunch of days on the 365 Days of Love blog mission. Again, I’ll try not to do it again.


Anyway, I don’t think I’ve posted it yet,  but I recently signed up for New Life’s praise and worship ministry. God’s actually planted the desire to lead worship and pour out my heart to Him for as long as I could remember, and I think it’s just too amazing an opportunity to pass up worshiping Him in public.

Today was the auditions and the interview. Yes, I was nervous going into this, but for some reason, I had peace. Maybe, it helps that this is what I’ve always known I’d do to serve. Haha!

One Desire

That lovely song is my audition piece.  I sang it with my whole heart, and I was surprised with the question posed to me: where did I learn to sing classically like that? I could only answer with the truth: singing too much Broadway in the shower! Haha!


Well, I got in! Yay! Lord, I could not have done this without You, and I really thank you for helping me. Also, I know we can do great things with this together. Hey, after all, it was you who called me here.

But I still had to wait for my parents who were interviewing other applicants. So, I did what I could with the hour and a half I waited. I guess you could safely say that majority of the applicants would greet me next Sunday or Wednesday because I talked to as many people as I could whilst on the seats. Haha! I just basically asked them what they were going to sing and told them that they can do it. It’s just simple and plain, to be honest. Apparently, though, it calmed the nerves of some of those I talked to.

That’s worship, I think. It’s born out of the heart, and just overflows. It’s this desire to want to tell God how much you love Him and that you want to do whatever — sing or encourage people or even just talk to a stranger — to tell Him that.

So yeah, there will now be three Aranetas coming to practice on Tuesday,I guess! Haha!





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